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  1. Guys new mkt update. Any ways to change the wii shop values? Also new daily log in bonuses seem like something you can tinker as well. Also if anyone knows how to change the daily shop values, help would be appreciated . The only thing I could change in the game so far was the teir shop valueskind new here and would appreciate the help.
  2. How do we change the cc and frenzy values?
  3. My device is rooted and I have passed the safety net test to install Mario kart from the play Store (also hid it from magisk so it won't crash). So I have been trying to change some values as one would do but it always reverts back. I have tried changing the value of coins, tickets, points. Sigh I need help. Nintendo is a pain . It is possible to hack Mario kart as evident from mankalor's hacking videos on it
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