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  1. Because this game looks kinda easy to hack but i just cant so it stressed me out haha.
  2. Can anyone help me on this game? ive been trying to hack the stages on this game but fails. anyhelp will be really appreciated Thanks
  3. Yesss that one. I dont know the pointer to the score valuee
  4. Well i tried it. I tried Qword, Dword, and All but i can't find the pattern
  5. Im sorry for posting 2 games in a row. But i keep wondering how can i actually hack the lvl of a certain game like the one the picture above the game is called "Slices Puzzle DX" Ill really appreciate any help.
  6. This game is called DigDig Balls by HighCoLab. Im trying to hack the total score but seems to no afail. Can anybody help me hack the score?
  7. Hi im wondering how can i hack this (Axe Champ by Ovivo) game coin? Even though it looks easy i tried many ways but to no affail. Can anyone help? Ill really really appreciate it thanks.
  8. So i found this simple game on playstore and i want to ask how can we actually hack the coins? Cause i tried lots of thing didnt work out? Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Wow thankyou so muchhh. Really appreciate it
  10. So anonymous dword works? Or are there any other step? Can you record it please? Thankyou for your reply btw
  11. Okay thankyou So anonymous dword works? Or are there any other step? Thankyou for you reply btw
  12. Hi so i'm a castle clash player. So i can't hack the gems on castle clash so i tried using the free gems features. One way to get a gems is to complete an offer. This is one the offer that i got. Can anybody help me how to hack the lvl in this game "tile game master" ? Will really appreaciate it. Thanks.
  13. Hi im new to game guardian. I have a question is there any way to hack the lvl on this game? This game is called "Fast tile tasks" I need to lvl it up to 2000 can anyone help? Will really appreciate it.
  14. Hi it's me again. I have a question for this game. How can i hack the coin or how can i hack the data to buy the spinner from 1500 to 1? Or how can i hack the coin from 722 to 2millions? Any help i'll really appreciate it.
  15. Thankyou so muchh guys! I really appreciate it
  16. Hi im currently trying to hack this game called Endless Challenging Block. I have successfully hacked the score to 1000025 but when im done it just said my score is 48 why is it? And how can i actually change the value to 1000025? I'm desperate for this game really. I clicked earn free gems on Castle Clash and this game will reward me some gems if i got the score to a certain value. Right now im trying to cheat that value can anybody help? Sorry for bad english
  17. Hi im new to gameguardian and i needed help. How can i hack this game? This game is called (How to fast tile) i just can't find the value using the simple method of keep finding value. I want to hack the score on the game. Can anybody help? I will really appreciate it. Thanks
  18. Woww thankyou so much it really helps me
  19. Hi, im new to game guardian. Im currently trying to hack a game called (Endless Challenging Block on Google Play) but i'm having difficulty finding a certain value (the score value) Can anyone help me? Or can anyone tell me what to do? I tried the keep fimding value method didn't work. Can someone try it out its kinda hard tbh
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