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    I need help. It says it's for an old version. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A31 - Android 11 version. Do you have anything for that? What version should I install for my android version?
  2. So, overall I'm using an android device. (Samsung Galaxy A31 - Android 11 version) And right now I wanna install this game guardian. But after several attempts, it just didn't work. I've been using this for a long time, and it just ended a while, cause I kind of got bored of playing games. But right now I'm into it again. But the problem is that I don't know how to install it anymore. The process has changed. I don't know how. And I'm tired of reading stuff, so I ended up asking here. Can you guys please help me. Here's the whole situation. So everytime I open the (SW) GG icon it says "the app is for an old version, contact the developer." I didn't mind that, I still installed it. I opened the parallel space and added the two GG. 32bit and 64bit. I open the 32, fixed it and clicked disable the floating window, it closes. Then I open it again, press fix it, enable the floating window, again it closed. Then for the 3rd time I open it again, click reset the type of floating window, close everything. And restarted the parallel space. Open the 32bit, pressed start, and it didn't work. There was a notification above from parallel space saying "show floating windows" I clicked it, it analyze my data, a few seconds later the information of the floating windows showed and it says - I'm not really sure, but you definitely what I mean - "it's having trouble catching my data." You know that "demon" problem. I searched it all over the internet, also search it on youtube, but there was just nothing that resolve my problem. So please, I need a developer of this app to help me out. Guys I really need it. Please help me. I appreciate every little detail you guys will gave me.
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