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  1. What game may i ask, who know i can help you
  2. Just succed with the hack and im happy about it i didn't get any ban cause im not being so abuse with the game i hack diffrent type of things too and just what i need
  3. Found gold at X8 and mana essences at X4 but i dont change the mana only gold.
  4. Idk, maybe i would but i only hack the gold i wouldn't be greedy and want everything I only take what i need not what i want i wont be sure if i'll get banned after this,, probably yes in time but im not so sure cuzz it's been 1 week aleready but nothing happend
  5. It's evil hunter tycoon Edit here the game link : Evil Hunter Tycoon https://g.co/kgs/P1wtXg
  6. Nevermind i manage to change it and it work and not decreasing anymore but,,, when i try to do it to other value the game keep crashing XD
  7. Hello i try to use GG in my game looking for the value changing the value so i can easily find it and i manage to find it and change the value Before was 143 Now 23000 I manage to change to 23000, but it decrease back to normal value i try multiple times but it still decrease back, why? i try with other things too but it seems the other value doesn't change and it back again to normal value.. I really need help Thanks...
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