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  1. Could you repost please image? It's gone. Thanks.
  2. 1 thing I can't sort out. Despite all PVP avatar frames unlocked I can't use them. Maybe someone more skilled than me could take a look?
  3. Sry, wrong section. ID's were for Galaxy Invaders.
  4. All current id's attached. GL alien shooter.txt
  5. MonkeySAN thank you. Worked with your guide. I made a list with all items numbers if anyone need.
  6. Don't work for me. I put the same string, 0 results. Why you put 18 as first value? Current amount of keys? So I should use 14 in my case. Not work either
  7. Yes, I need pvp keys which I have 14 atm. The rest is already sorted out.
  8. Hello. I need help with: Galaxy Invaders - Alien Shooter There are gems, hard to obtain in game. I have 14 as on attached screenshot. I can't increase or decrease this value. Is there any way to find where this value is located and edit it? Thanks.
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