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    This script works on Android 11 under Dual Space 4.0.1 for G.G and G.G 101.1 It doesn't contain candle run capabilities, and that is really useful. The "Quick Steps" is really cute and saves lots of time. Thank you! The "Stretch Textures" I am not sure what is really for. The "Remove Equipment" doesn't do anything. While it can be a bit hard to figure out which wing option does what -as I think it could be a translation/interpretation issue- it has VERY POWERFUL functions to modify wing and flying. BIG THANK YOU to XxhentaixX! -Please share your Patron account if you have one.-
  1. I am not sure you can use this space to sell your code. A moderator should look into it. I think a more positive way to make money from your development it would be to get a Patron account? I think you would make more money that way.
  2. Hi Rahza, Do you still have it around? I would love to take a look at it. Thank you.
  3. Thank you dear xmagisk00! This script works on Android 11 under Dual Space 4.0.1 for G.G and G.G 101.1 The 2.9 hack, while hard to use while flying a bit, saves a TON of time. THANK YOU!!! If you could add candle run capabilities, that would be very nice. Please share your Patron account if you have one.
  4. Version 4.0.1 GG + the latest G.G -101.1 at the time of writing this- works flawlessly on my hard to please Android 11. Read my review under Reviews in this same channel for more info.
    Just downloaded DualSpace 4.0.1, regular (not lite) optimized for Game Guardian and ran it on my Android 11 (with the December 2020 security patch). It works FANTASTIC and it's the ONLY virtual machine that permits G.G 101.1 to run properly -without giving the dreaded "Failed to load Daemon" message-. I AM SO VERY HAPPY. I use it to save time in Sky Children of the light. I have noticed that, to do my own modifications, I need to enable on G.G Search in "Other" memory ranges but, some scripts ran with no issues regardless of the settings.
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