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  1. By using Titanium Backup, of course. (`・ω・´)
  2. I know how you must have felt. I tried changing the numbers of an artifact when I only had 1 of it. I changed all the numbers on the page at once and all I could see was there were lots and lots of drones flying on the screen, and suddenly the game crashed. When I tried reloading the game on another device only to find that the data were already synced and the game crashed on that other device as well. I lost 3 days worth of mission launches. I was lucky I backed the game up and not all was lost. Good thing is the game taught me to back up frequently and whenever there's a big change to the game. I also refrain from editing multiple values now.
  3. I was able to level up the piggy using LP. But it's not automatic. Open Menu of Patches - Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation, select the first one, and click apply. Every time I do some research, and once the piggy bank has around 1K GEs, crack it open (if you select something like remember this purchase when LP prompts), the piggy bank will level up and reset every time you click the store button once you have ~1000 in storage.
  4. Oh... never mind. The numbers for the artifacts are actually not in "Others" memory ranges, but in "Ca". I managed to change the quantities as well as the rarity.
  5. Sorry but I this is exactly what I did but sometimes the quantity could be found and sometimes couldn't, and in my case, the refine always came empty. I have attached a video. I don't know what I am doing wrong here. Even tried ticking the "Value is Encrypted" option, and though several millions of results came, and I refined and refined, but the result always came zero. If I updated all the results at the first find, the numbers change, but when I switched back to the game nothing changed, really. One difference I noticed was the upgrade cost for one of the researches. It went much higher. This is not working either. I am at my wits end. 20210521_083945.mp4
  6. Could you also change the quantity of a specific artifact you have even if you are not at the highest rarity/level? I seem to have issues finding the number. I have set the memory range to "Others". For example, I have 71 tiny gold meteorites, and have tried searching E: Double but there's no result. Also tried searching QWord and comsumed/upgraded one and then refined the search, but the result came empty as well. I am having issues with the artifacts and golden eggs so far, but I managed to change the value in the piggy bank as well as the sould eggs. Can you guide me through it?
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