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  1. Regular root. I didn't know Virtual Xposed changed how GG works.
  2. Because sometimes there are some 20 apps I have to scroll through to find the apps I actually want to use GG on. And I am literally never going to want to use GG on apps like Facebook, Wordfeud, Youtube Vanced, Gboard, Android Services Library, Media Storage, One UI Home, etc. The fact that they appear in the list at all serves no purpose for me.
  3. No, I mean to make them not appear in the list of apps you get when you go into Select process. Sometimes I have to scroll through over a page of background processes to get to the apps I want to actually use GG on.
  4. When I hit "Select process" in GG, the first process is One UI Home, then one of my games, then 11-14 processes I will never want to use GameGuardian on/can't even use GameGuardian on, then another game, then a bunch of other processes. Depending on the game I want to hack, I might have to scroll quite a lot. Is there any way to blacklist specific apps from appearing in the Select process menu? Like, who would ever want to use GG on WhatsApp or Skype?
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