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  1. Yes, it works but seems not always, sometime fails to work...
  2. What upgrade? No specific script for 10.7.2, the script for 10.6 isn't working
  3. Slow mode doesn't work either, seems they changed something... Probably we need a new script version @MarioRossi93i ;-)
  4. Not for me, you root? Or using double space system?
  5. New RR3 version, hope you can make a new script version soon Many thanks
  6. No problem for me on A12, latest version of GG
  7. Can you update for 10.3 RR3 version? Many thanks in advance
  8. 9.6 script version is working for me on RR3 9.7 version
  9. I'll love if you could update the script for the 9.7 RR3 version Always appreciate
  10. Sure @MarioRossi93i can help us with the new 9.6 version. The new F1 season really need help with so many cars and races, and the new mode... Many Thanks
  11. I have been looking around, and for some reason, checked the options on the screenshot and worked (the green ones comes by default, and o added the yellow ones). Should be related to being a rooted device I guess
  12. Don't know what you mean but other scripts work just fine like "race mode" one. Any way this is the info I see on screen entering GameGuadian...
  13. No error, just "no result found" message after executing the script
  14. Lot of new cars since 9.3 RR3 version. Are you planning to upgrade this AutoVip hack for 9.5 version? Many thanks in advance
  15. Unfortunately this script version doesn't work for me on my rooted device with latest version of GameGuadian but it does in a Huawei Tablet with Android 10 and Xposed. The bad is I can't play with the tablet, too big to manage the direction with the sensor. Thanks anyway for the tip...
  16. Morning, any chance to update the script to work with 9.5 version? Older versions doesn't work on my rooted device... Many thanks in advance
  17. I raised gold by mistake time ago to 1.500.000 and no issues, no ban, connected to my account. Raised M$ and R$ several times to 8 or 10 millions and no issues so far...
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