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  1. It is not an efficient way to save a values. You could just store store them into a variable, instead of creating a file which of course much slower, and what if you want to do that a hundred times. That's gonna be time consuming.
  2. Bro, could you send me the source code? I would like to learn it if you don't mind. My email: [email protected]
  3. It works, thanks. I had tried this os.rename just before I posted this. But it didn't rename the file, then I learned, it turns out that is because the given argument is full path to file. When I tried your code, it renames it.
  4. I know I can overwrite a file using something like: file:write("overwritten"); If file is opened in "w" mode. But somehow I cannot overwrite current file script. Is this kind of thing not allowed? or what? Because I would like to update my script, by making request online. And I don't want to write into another file, instead as much as possible overwrite current file. How to do this?
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