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  1. Yes, hacking the HP does seem to work. Additionally doing the same for the energy, will reset it when you gather some during the level, or not change at all. Although trying to force change the gold during the round does nothing. After restarting the game and completing the level set I was on, I kept the progress so there doesn't seem to be any issue with losing said progress, so thanks for the info!
  2. That may actually be quite helpful as I was having a very difficult time beating some levels, I didn't even consider trying to hack the HP. I'll update my post if I can get it to work or not when I get around to playing again. But yeah I was kind of expecting not being able to hack the gold or gems since it seems it is server sided.
  3. Sorry about that. I was referring to this game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tankgame.tankhero.en
  4. Over Christmas vacation, something had happened within Tank Hero and I ended up losing millions of gold and 1000's of gems. They claimed I spent them all when I contacted support and even had "proof", yet I am absolutely certain I didn't since I didn't even have my phone, which I left at my house (and I live alone so nobody could have got on my phone while I was away). Because of this, the game has turned into a really big pain so I've been wondering if its possible to get the gold or gems that I'm missing, back thru the use of game guardian magic (or other ways). I'm somewhat doubtful but figured I'd ask anyways. I've already tried some basic things on the Nox app (since my phone isn't root-able), with no luck.
  5. I recently got back into one of my favorite android games after seeing it get updated quite a bit as of recently. I tried out this post https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/21875-request-caves-roguelike-android/ for the gold and emerald but it seems to no longer work. I've tried various other ways but I can't get any values that are in relation to the gold or emeralds.
  6. None of these ways are working anymore it seems. The game has been getting a ton of updates this year and last, so that's probably the reason. I'm sure the way to do it is the same, but it's just with different numbers such as the 1527 or 7. Although I don't know how to find the new numbers.
  7. I'm not a hacking nerd or anything and often struggle with finding values, although, I don't know if the Dwords change every game start or not, but changing 5AB78EC0 gives you the upgrade points. The number shown is double what you get so a value of 10 would give you 5 points. I found this value by searching for encrypted values. The silver keys can be easily found by just searching the number normally. 44DFD9C8 And the gold keys can be found using encrypted values. 68E84C80 As for the gems and gold, I was unable to find any leads using normal, encrypted, and increased/decreased search parts of the program.
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