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  1. Hi you need to edit it as limit if you cross the limit of stars then surely you will get ban.
  2. yeah,it's easy first you need to put coins value of hammer then glove coin value and edit it 0. Done.
  3. Hello.do anyone know how to hack wildscapes I am not able to hack it. Thank you.
  4. Easy pezzy first play level 100 and the write 99 and then play 101 and write refine it until you get 1 result. Edit the value like 6000 and freeze it. Refresh your game. DONE.THE LEVELS ARE JUST EXAMPLE [added 1 minute later] A video please .
  5. Hey. @ItsSC can we do this first we will write how much does the golden ticket cost and edit it 0 will it work?????
  6. I don't care about it I have a antibAn system in my homescapes so I would not get ban.
  7. Hi. @ItsSC do you know how to hack moves in homescape
  8. Hi @NoFearwhen you will post a video for homescapes bypass hack for armv7 version.
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