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  1. Hello everyone, the game in the title is another one of those gacha games. I am doubtful that it's possible to modify resources. However, the game can be paused during battle in single player instances. If anyone can point me in the right direction as to how to modify attack damage to make the stages easier to clear. Thanks! Below is the link for the apk if anyone's interested. https://m.apkpure.com/my-hero-academia-the-strongest-hero-anime-rpg/com.sonypicturestelevision.myheroacademia
  2. Hello everyone, I am an amateur at this. So please bear with me if anything I say somehow doesn't make sense. A game I am using GG on has the values encrypted. Although, I can still search and modify it manually and it works the way I wanted to. However, everytime the instance gets change, (i.e. change of stage/level), the encrypted value changes and I have to remodify it everytime. If I freeze the value, it will just change again if I go to another instance. My question is, if there's a function or a way to instead of manually changing values, that I can just do a multiplier on it. My goal is to multiply the value to maybe x10 or x5 permanently throughout my gameplay. Thanks!
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