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  1. Hello! thanks for your answer! This game has anticheat and if u try to edit like u telled me i will get insta ban... I send the video in the previous messages that explain how to do but i didnt understand how its work....can u help me please?
  2. @Crystal_Mods100x can you help me please?
  3. Ty so much for your help! Here there is a guide made by nofear but i really dont understand how to do it.... Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#9hvx1w9u) if u check the video he made u will understand what i mean for item swap hack Also there is all IDs like gold etc
  4. Oh! ok sorry! Im looking for Gold and item swap hack can you help me please?
  5. Hello guys im looking for fury survivor hacks someone can help me please?
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