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  1. No idea. Never looked at that game.
  2. Don't bother on this game. Trust me.
  3. If rooted, create new account on virtual space. Copy data to device and use the save generated there for device instead.
  4. NoFear

    group search question

    Sometimes a better search isn't values that are unknown every launch. Following pointers and finding things that would be the same EVERY launch is ideal. Takes a lot more time and work, but then you can create a method to find values Everytime without unknown variables. This is how badcase and I do many scripts. It's very complex and time consuming. But we find a search that is reliable on almost every device.
  5. NoFear

    group search question

    0~~0 is basically unknown value. If you know range of unknown value. Like if it is always like 500000 to 700000 you can do 4;500000~700000;5;500000~700000;6;500000~700000;:25
  6. This means the value moves on level load possibly. So before opening level, unknown search. Load level. Unknown changed. Search exact value. Should be fewer results. Depending on how many, increment edit to find which is the right one. Then when you find it. Do pointer search to find the pointer which might not relocate.
  7. NoFear

    group search question

  8. Playstore link? Sometimes can change the currency type it gives. 1 cash for 99999 cash or something.
  9. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Don't think that's true.... I'm not active in the game. That could be why I am safe
  10. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Pretty sad... No co-op No VS Limited solo campaign. Deleting accounts? My guess would be this could be future additions to the game. So clean out the hackers before that implementation.
  11. NoFear

    Archero Script

    Wondering if it's atk/hp related? My account isn't erased. And I have hacked energy and gems....
  12. If you edit everything correctly, seems to be fine.
  13. You can't add without already Irving at least 1 of the one you want. You can convert all of the type to be another though.
  14. I don't need to open in PS, I'm rooted. And yes, I managed to hack it too.
  15. ? Haven't shared anything yet
  16. I already watched the video the other day If you goto ijiami website and read what protections they have, it's far more now. Nothing is perfect. The fact you can use gg still, is proof.
  17. They didn't... 3rd party company. ijiami. Specialize in this.
  18. If you can beat ijiami protection.
  19. It's still possible ... Working hard to find a solution for all...
  20. I'm wondering, is this the case for everyone? Because providing script or guide is useless if no one can use it.
  21. The 2 values you are changing are like a self check. If mismatched, crashed. One value is just plain dword of total qty earned. The other is a xor dword. The x8 is saying they xor key is 8bytes above that value. So it will automatically convert using the key from that location x8 away. You can even find the value "total spent" in the game too. DO NOT MAKE NEGATIVE. You could set total spent to 0. Then your balance will = total earned.
  22. Don't use the speed hack. Try an alternative method of hacking.
  23. Surprisingly developer made significant changes on full release. Managed to find everything and have some success. Not sure if xp. Is more closely monitored than like items. Won't be easy to script and will take time. In the meantime, If you have latest version of the game, see if you can attach gg to the game at all.
  24. It's not about the $ Time spent vs money earned.... Is negligible. It's those that are willing to pay, tend to respect the work more than those wanting a hand out.
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