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  1. People are dumb Edit: DON'T GET SCAMMED BY PEOPLE CLAIMING TO BE ME...... This idiot above is NOT that smart and thinks this isn't proof.... Anyway, I don't have ANY private group. Only the channel with BadCase.
  2. You don't need to do 1st 2 searches. I was trying to be generous and find a way to provide a couple in game item lists. Game has many more items and ids...
  3. I didn't post link yet. Unless you want to try and follow it without a written guide.
  4. I'm not determining what is "safe". I'm just giving methods. Up to others to determine what is safe. Fairly certain it would be possible in NeoMall
  5. Video is uploaded. Just have to write a guide to go with it. Edit: Took a while because I wanted to provide a couple list of items users can collect from neo mall. Like parks or war cards....
  6. Edit: Looks like another minor update. Don't think much changed from what I've found in this version. I'll admit, not "simple". EA definitely tried protecting NeoMall for sure Edit 2: updated... And tested. Works. See attached.
  7. You can edit price/qty... And currently working on setting it to any item...
  8. Ok.... So this is very different from what I did....... I bought everything through neo mall. Buildings etc etc....
  9. You misunderstood... Give me the building name/id that used to work to collect from neomall... So I can test it.
  10. Anyone watching this thread.... Please provide a build id/name you used to be able to add in neomall. I'll give it a test and make video.
  11. What you add. Spend before you exit game. It's not the GG doesn't work. GG still works fine. Just need to find another area in the game to use it on.
  12. You missed the point... Unreleased. You don't know the method. Edit: is what most people want, the ability to add anything?
  13. Can confirm.... Old method (never released) for adding simcash works. Not sure if this is something users are interested in.... Or is it something else?
  14. Unknown changed/unchanged. But given hope few times you can do this, might not work. I'm offering injection services... I created thread at sbenny for this game.
  15. I never tried.... I took a different approach...
  16. Fairly certain it's encrypted. I know what game that's from.
  17. I can dig through old videos.... I might have method I didn't share that might still work.
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