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    What is pointers?

    Also, if you find a value. Good thing to do is pointer search. Find a pointer that is pointing at/near or above the value. Then that pointer can be group with related pointers. Sometimes you only need to find 1 value, pointers could map out more for you
  2. NoFear

    What is pointers?

    Let's say you find an item qty value. Nearby could be a bunch of pointers. If you follow them, they could lead you to what is setting the item. So like a game with weapon inventory, if you have 100 AK47, follow pointers, you could find the AK47. Then change pointer to another item instead. Pointers can have many different uses though. Basically remap things with pointers
  3. NoFear

    What is pointers?

    A value in a game Dword. Qword for x64. The value in hex = and address location. So if you were to copy the hex value. Goto memory browser and select "goto address location" and paste that hex value, that's where that value is "pointing" to.
  4. Becomes time consuming. Typically get good following pointers. Can try text search of item name and work backwards to find price. Or focus on something with larger unique value. Then learn memory format and patterns to help find a smaller less unique value.
  5. Meaning, a value you don't have to freeze with gg, just edit and be done? Yea, if game is one with lib file, can edit lib in memory. No freezing.
  6. We've talked about doing "bundles"... Like pes, pes manager and FIFA for $10 or something
  7. NoFear

    Age of magic.

    I've gotten fairly busy. Sorry for long delay on this.
  8. It does work. Join discord, ask everyone 'does it work', then see all the responses and you can make your decision.
  9. It's the same concept.... Except it's arm64.... You really need example of each: Thumb, armv7 and arm64? Try some reading http://www.keil.com/support/man/docs/armasm/armasm_dom1361289850039.htm
  10. NoFear


    @Enyby Arm64 Hex E1030032 E003142A E203152A E3031FAA Op code ORR W1, WZR, #1 MOV W0, W20 MOV W2, W21 MOV X3, XZR GG opcode ORR W1, WZR, #-0x1 ORR W0, WZR, W20 ORR W2, WZR, W21 ORR X3, XZR, XZR Edit: Arm64 Hex BF02006B Opcode CMP W21, W0 Gg Opcode Subs wzr, w21, w0
  11. Plans to create script with @BadCase for his script library.
  12. Now you see the frustration.... It's not that everyone has it.... It's that people think these joke YouTubers did it.
  13. Only crystals? Would you consider gold/bro bot xp/atk/def/special atk cooldown....?
  14. What's sad, gameloft only needs to release a minor patch update with lib changing by 1byte and it ends all mods.
  15. All is good. Just want him to be aware, before sending anyone money, that file is only good for this version. Once update comes out, can't use it to make new update. File was obfuscated so you can't. He could compare lib right now to original... He will see.
  16. Lol. Go ahead Gameloft and I have history sbenny is where I am most active. I do a lot of debugging for sbenny himself. and badcase, I help create scripts for him.
  17. It's not entirely about $. I'd rather fewer enjoy it knowing who made it. Than everyone using it not knowing source.
  18. I want to provide for free... But you don't understand the hours that goes into creating this. Then everyone just takes it and claimed they did it. They didn't do it. They can't do it. I records of information I saved on this game is ridiculous. Finding encrypted values that are static with gg, not possible without knowing certain info.
  19. Lol. Again... You aren't very bright. You will see when game updates. Previous mod was x64 unprotected. This is armv7. Lib files change reach update Also, you get updates for free if you actually support forum.
  20. You are not very bright.... They copied the file. They CANNOT update the mod. They NEED the modded lib file again.
  21. Support those that don't do the work.... You'll never get the update. File is Encrypted, so when game updates, all those that stole, need to come back to me... Enjoy that while you can. Lack of support just proves I shouldn't be releasing this for ungrateful people.
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