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  1. Hello everybody! I want to develop a simple 2-player VR game in order to get the hang of multiplayer game development. I have been developing single player games for over 5 years but never really got into any multiplayer stuff. I am not looking for a step by step guide nor for someone to develop the game for me. I want to go through the learning process. How would you approach developing a game where two players throw stuff at each other? No moving around, no real combat, nothing too fancy. I just want to try out some simple multiplayer VR interaction to get started. Should I have a server and the 2 VR clients should connect to it? Should one of the clients also be the server? Which multiplayer implementation do you recommend with Unity (as of now 2017)? Any good resources on multiplayer you know about besides Unity's documentation? Thanks in advance! I will really appreciate whatever comments you guys have on this.
  2. if i were to use cheats would it effective my game? would it like not let me beat the whole game.?
  3. yes, you can download it from this link.
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