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  1. Hey punkaZ, Firstly, thanks for the work you put into the LUAs you put out for the community. Appreciate it! I have a problem though and am wondering if you can help fix it? I'm using MEMU to play GoB and for some reason your LUAs have never worked for me. Is it something I'm doing wrong or something the emulator does different that makes it not work? This is the error I get whenever I execute the script. https://postimg.cc/svMfyLgV Appreciate any help you can give! GG: 79.0 (Used the latest versions every time) Script 2.0.1 (Although they've never worked for me sadly) Android 5.1.1 or 7.1 Regards, Rex
  2. Doesn't work for me sadly... GG: 77.0 Script: 1.3
  3. Im struggling to get anywhere with this game. If anyone could assist that would be awesome!
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