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  1. This video is game mod but only works for ios system
  2. You can still just know about programming
  3. Hola, hace una semana atrás se podía encontrar los valores de los atributos de los equipos pero después de una actualización deje de funcionar ya no encuentra nada espero me puedas ayudar gracias espero tu respuesta.
  4. Hi guys I hope they help me hack the game. I hope someone expert can make a mod that works for Android. And seen that mod of that game but only serve in ios system
  5. Ok thank you, as I had told you I hope you do another update of gg to fix those bugs please
  6. losWith gg you can no longer hack the game darkness rises. Face you could get the values but now you can no longer need a new version of gg that solutions those errors thank you very much
  7. Hello to the game called darkness rises did not detect game guardian and yesterday they made an update to detect gg and now when you use it it detects game guardian and closes the game. I need you to make an update fixed that problem and do it again as before the anti-counter didn't detect game guardian I wait for your answer
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