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  1. oh, so here's my mistake, first of all I made a goat from the games
  2. And thanks to you that you want to do something about it. Emulating purchases is also the reason for the ban.
  3. Haha :D, I know you don't understand me. I use translator xD.
  4. Oh, I forgot, The Tribez: Build a Village
  5. I have a problem with changing the value of the game, actually it is possible to change gold, gems, etc. but the game sends information about it and is made. The game is offline of course. I also make changes without internet, but sometimes it fits to connect to the Internet. I don't know how to ask :D. Is it possible to block this detection, or something? I think I dug all possible topics about how not to be banned, but everything revolves around online games.
  6. votusQ1993

    Speed hack

    I downloaded version 99 but do not know why I have installed 97.9 version on Memu Play.
  7. votusQ1993

    Speed hack

    Why can't GG load Speed Hack on any emulator when my phone works fine?
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