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  1. Here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Cheritz.MysticMessenger&hl=es_AR
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a newbie in using GG (but even more of a newbie in using the forums haha) and I would love it if anyone who reads this can give me some help in hacking hourglasses in Mystic Messenger since I wanted to try some old methods I saw on libre boards but they didn't really do much (except for giving me hope on maybe hacking this >_<). The methods I tried were: Searching for the hourglasses values by spending the inicial 30 you get with the app's startup, I reach an address I can edit and while it DOES CHANGE how many hourglasses I have, they become useless at the app's restart (and by simply going to try and buy the "Deep Route" even if I could spend these hourglasses before, I end up getting a "Transaction Error"). Changing the Christmas DLC hourglass price to negative (which I saw on a guide by NoFear who's also a user here), in this case however I can't seem to arrive at any correct addresses to edit their values. I have tried to change the parameters of my searches with the help from some other guides I found here but to no avail and since the original video that came with the guide got deleted I don't fully understand what I'm doing to keep trying. All of this I tried by installing the app on Memu and also installing Virtual Xposed to have GG installed there while using the Root on virtual space option. If anyone needs screenshots or anything to help you help me, I'm at your disposition! (Also, sorry for my potentially broken english, it's not my first language). Thank you in advance!
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