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  1. Its work for me 64device. But the UI menu is in Russian,
    The script works, great but I've got banned
    Works pretty good. But the game itself is hard pay to win model, i mean every premium gear is super good. If you like this game you should use this script because every player is cheater.
    Decoration mod pretty much useless if you have no key or coin on this game. There are coin and keys mod on the script bit only for premium user. Big Nope, rather buy in game coin or keys instead
  2. Idk but the level wont complete even after the target is reach. And 1111 move remain is too much to conplete all move. So it diwsnt work Life refill is work tho
  3. Work fine till chapter VI shadow boss fight. The game freeze
  4. how sir? any step by step?
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