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  1. In this guide I will explain how to hack almost every value in the game. Gems: Go into a boss room and get hit so you don't summon the devil, when the wheel comes spin the one with abilities and XP, the ad wheel will then pop up, with gems and coins on it, open game guardian and search for all the values on the wheel, separating them with ";". E.G. "500;400;300;20;10;10". Make sure you are using DWord. When you get the results, change the lower values to the amount of gems you want and watch the ad, if you don't get the gems on the wheel just repeat the process. Coins: You can do the same thing as with gems, but I found it easier to just edit the amount of gems while killing normal enemies, it's faster and more reliable, however, for some reason, the game has a limit on coins, you can't own more than 2,000,000 at once, but if you manage to hack the gems you can just buy coins with those. DNA: Go into chapter 7(you can do it in other chapters but this seemed faster and more reliable for me) and kill bosses, when you kill a boss look closely to see if they dropped any DNA, if you see them drop some, just search for the value in GG with DWord filter, when you kill the next boss and it drops some more DNA just update the value to the sum of DNA in that round, when you get only 2 results edit both of them and die in the next room to get the DNA. Health: Same process as with the coins, enter a chapter and input your HP value, go further and get hit, input the new value again, repeat until you have only 1-2 values left(DWord again), then just freeze the value and you're done. XP: WIP(If anyone manages to figure something out please let me know)
  2. The only thing I can confirm is hackable is the ammo in game, you can shoot infinitely, but it requires a bit of preparation. Search for the value of your current ammo in the magazine, for me it's 36, search for unencrypyed DWord. After it's done, fire a few bullets, enter your new value and refine, keep repeating this until you are down to only 1-2 results. Select the first result and press GOTO; on the list, just go to the first result above yours, it should be 55D, press on it and change data type Qword, simply freeze the Qword and you will shoot infinitely. Please note that each time you die you have to do this all over again due to the game changing values after every respawn. Another note, if you use this in War mode, you can rapid fire the rocket launcher, but if you die it will usually crash your game.
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    So far I discovered 2 and a half cheats in this game, you'll see why and a half soon. The first cheat is endless attacks, simply start a fight and search for value "4" type "Byte", then attack once, then type "3" and refine, attack once more, then type "2" and refine, then attack one last time and type "2" and refine, you should have 2 results, click on the icon next to the magnifying glass to change the value of both, type in 4 and freeze it, after that you should have unlimited turns in each fight until you restart the game, but be careful since one of the values is for you and the other is for PvP, in case you decide to go PvP, make sure to first unfreeze the option that is not for you. The second cheat is energy related, I tried for a long time to find a way to either freeze energy or increase it, but I never managed to find a way to do anything about it, but I did discover that you can change how much each fight costs, simply by searching for the current energy value of the fight, and repeating that until you have only 3 results(you should use search type byte), and then change all 3 values to "1", I haven't tried changing it to 0 since it's not necessary, by the time you finish 1 fight you will regenerate more than 1 energy anyway, and the best part is, this affects every fight that requires energy. The half a cheat is the maniacal gauntlet, you can obtain it by finding the value of your current gold and changing it to over 1 million, the game will correct it as soon as you try spending it, but you will have the gauntlet unlocked. I have heard that some players managed to cheat the Rage meter to always be full, but I never tried doing that since I don't find it necessary at all.
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