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  1. MonkeySAN's post in Need help how to i do freeze and save the offset value was marked as the answer   
    so=gg.getRangesList('libnative-lib.so')[1].start local addr = so + 0x998D24 gg.addListItems({ {address = addr,flags = 4,value = 0, freeze = true} })  
  2. MonkeySAN's post in help type value was marked as the answer   
    16 is type Float

  3. MonkeySAN's post in how to get unlimited money in "just kill me 1" was marked as the answer   
    - Your Coin Price -
    Search = 8;16::17
    type = Dword
    memory ranges = Anonymous
    - refine to value 8 
    - edit with increment to find the correct one.
    - once found..put it in the saved list..delete the rest.
    - edit again to your desired value(ie: 999999) and collect those coins in battle.
    - do check the value by goto the address and you will found the rest of the values.
    its also the same way for Basic Damage.

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