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  1. MonkeySAN's post in What is "N"? was marked as the answer   
    N refer to any value you put.
    for example if you put 10 
    only the first 10 results will be shown after a search.
  2. MonkeySAN's post in Read value in offset was marked as the answer   
    try this?
    local results = gg.getResults(1) local offsetValue = {} local check = "1234" for i, v in pairs (results) do offsetValue[i] = {address = v.address + 0x4, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD} end offsetValue = gg.getValues(offsetValue) for i, v in pairs (offsetValue) do if v.value == check then gg.setValues({ {address = offsetValue[1].address, flags = 4, value = 7} }) else gg.alert("Wrong value = "..offsetValue[1].value.."\nCorrect Value = "..check) end end  
  3. MonkeySAN's post in Unable to get search range of 2 values for a script. was marked as the answer   
    - select 2 values or more then tap that button as shown in the picture above.

    - a popup menu will appear as above and select > Add group size
    - another popup will appear..from here you can either copy or make a search.

    - make sure to check the box as shown below if you want make an ordered search

  4. MonkeySAN's post in How to check game guardian version in script? was marked as the answer   
    you can try this
    if gg.VERSION < "101.1" then gg.alert("Please use the latest version of GameGuardian.") os.exit() end or this.
    if gg.VERSION == "101.1" then else gg.alert('Please use GameGuardian version 101.1') os.exit() end  
  5. MonkeySAN's post in Jurassic World the Game: Trade Harbor (Mega Hack) Question was marked as the answer   
    search = :Your dinosaur name
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