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    Game Bypass

    Game: Aurcus Online Problem: Can't bypass Anticheat: Xigncode I can't seem to bypass Aurcus Online's Cheat Detection. It crashes before getting into character select. I know this game is server-sided, but it is possible to mod the values. I have bypassed Aurcus Online a year ago. But now it seems like they updated the anticheat. But I know for a fact that it is still possible to bypass. As I've seen some hackers showing off or secretly farming on the hardest boss. I've tried various methods but it i still cant seem to bypass it. I tried adding every keyword I can think of in Rootcloak, Ive tried changing the xposed installer directory. Ive tried using sudohide and minminhide. Ive tried using Xprivacy(This method worked before, it also worked in avabel by restricting Shell> Su and Sh, System> GetrunningAppprocess GetApplicstion,Getinstalled,GetProviders,QueryIntentServices,QueryServices) But it doesnt work. I dont know of any other methods to bypass this game, can anyone help me?
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