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  1. @Enyby I mean, on what android emulator can I use Game Guardian? There's some android emulators for linux like Genymotions, AndroVM, etc...
  2. Or any other hacking tool like GG, because I only know how to use GG
  3. Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ldd.maxheroes.googleplay Yes, I tried a lot. I love this style of game and if someone can teach how to hack this kind of games I would be so glad. Thank you so much! P.s.: Turbo VPN with United Kingdom region is free and works if you are not on the region allowed.
  4. I managed to edit the atk speed in float of the heroes, but its temporary and doesnt change much
  5. Its called "I am Hero" Its in early access, alpha version. So you have to go to the link: https://t.co/UnMe9UcX4F?amp=1 Or go to the twitter @PlayIamHero and sign up to download it I hacked the prizes for wave 3 and 5, but when the prizes came they came how they were before. Please help me guys
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