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  1. Haha nice copy of my herolist lol, even same order, bro can you ask before copy paste?
  2. For offline games use lucky patcher, gameguardian cannot do it
  3. Would recommend you to learn some lua basics first, because gameguardian scripts are lua based
  4. gg.prompt is your answer, search for how to use gg.prompt
  5. Well no script is safe, but it prevents the most usual way to bypass expiry that is to change date of device. For normal users binary script itself is tough job
  6. There are 2 methods to put script expiry 1st is os.clock() method to get current date of device, it is offline so can be easily bypassed by changing device date. 2nd my method is online method using html date header, it cannot be bypassed Put the following code at top of your script (and change expiry date) Date=15 -- Expiry date Month=5 -- Expiry month Year=2020 -- Expiry year expiremessage="Script has expired. New version available" --Expiry message --This script will expire on 15/05/2020 --Do not change below code function check(t) if t<10 then t="0"..t end return t end expiredate=Year.. check(Month).. check(Date) date=gg.makeRequest("http://www.guimp.com").headers["Date" ][1] --guimp.com is smallest webpage so takes less time for loading month={"Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"} for i=1,12 do if month[i]==string.sub(date,9, 11) then if i<10 then i="0"..i end currentdate=string.sub(date,13, 16)..i..string.sub(date,6, 7) end end if tonumber(currentdate)>=tonumber(expiredate) then gg.alert(expiremessage) os.exit() end -- Your script code below
  7. Well for that you will need to make script yourself to check values at regular interval
  8. Use fuzzy search first, to narrow down search results, then freeze values one by one and check their effect on game
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