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  1. I happened to find a mac adress in the forum, but I would like to know how to add another mac number and what should I do to be able to read other macs? This is code macPath = io.open('/sys/class/net/wlan0/address', 'r') macRead = macPath:read('*a') --this is my mac address, just for example macLists = {'a0%:32%:99%:e8%:e5%:64'}, {'a0%:32%:99%:e8%:e5%:75'} for _, v in ipairs(macLists) do macCheck = macRead:match(v) end if macCheck then gg.alert('Your mac address is registered\n'..macRead) else local macCopy = gg.alert('Sorry, your mac address is not register','Copy Mac') if not macCopy then os.exit() end if macCopy == 1 then gg.copyText(macRead) end end
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