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  1. For 30min (1800 second) Search 1800X4, then refine <1000000000, then refine >2000000000, refine 1600X4 , then edit 1X4
  2. Not sure I'm still fine but don't abuse too much, because in PVP another player can report you
  3. If you have 1 search 1X4, then refine >1000000000, then refine <2000000000, then refine 1X4 (1X4 refine multiple times until the result is under 100 it easy to find value)
  4. Use with your own risk in PVP player can report you amountX4, then refine >1000000000, then refine <2000000000, then refine amountX4 until the result is under 100 you can easily find value and edit with X4 (lifesteal and def pet you can buy 2 per account and atk pet you can buy 1)
  5. Accidentally hack item stat while hacking gem lol
  6. After donate gexp100000 no ban but not sure how long I can survive
  7. 2 hack amount of item in storage like special tab (you can hack it by your own just use x4 refine and edit) 3 exp hero 999m (i'm not sure exp x4 or x8)
  8. After excute script Enter password 1121 You just choose 1 option shop hack you can buy TOWN CHIEF'S TREASURE CHEST
  9. This script can't hack gem but can buy this chest for free
  10. Credit: qplaychannel Pass 1121 Buy this chest but don't spam too much (qplaychannel)evilhuntertycoonshopv1.lua
  11. Credit: Kadima - 5D; 1.20000004768F; 1.10000002384F; 1.0F; 0.89999997616F; 0.80000001192F:: 25 Anonymous Search float Edit following image 1 hit to kill (not sure but i can kill monster with 1 hit) Don't ask me i don't know anything just sharing
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