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  1. J1Re1d

    Static Address

    Does GameGuardian have the function of calculating Addresses? I have a value that the address is dynamic, and, I want to find his static address, is there a way to do this? Examples: dynamic values have 4 addresses, but for me to find the original / static address, I will need 3 addresses of the same value, the first being EBF7O4D (EXAMPLE ADDRESS), restart the game and at the same value I get the other EBF47AB, I do the same procedure again EBF2AB2D, so I calculate the three addresses and it results in static, does GameGuardian allow this?
  2. Is there any way I search this value?
  3. I am wanting to search the number: -6.355.660.580.250.976.256Q, but when I button to search it gets the results, but when I button to search in script, gg.searchNumber ("- 6.355.660.580.250.976.256", gg.TYPE_QWORD), the value searches another, -6 changes to -5, as if it were a random search, and that's amazing, because it only happens with large numbers, like 1.40283e10, it searches the script 1.40283e11 .
  4. J1Re1d

    Help me on hex edit

    Could you make a video of how you found these values?
  5. J1Re1d

    Help me on hex edit

    Change the values I know. but I wanted to know the hex of the values, because when I change the hex of the energy it doesn't get infinite energy. Ex: The energy-changing address (example address) is C830FCB, so when I look up the address in XA - libil2cpp.so, it tells me the reverse hex: 7f 45 4c 46 .ELF, but when I change this hex nothing happens.
  6. J1Re1d

    Help me on hex edit

    Game: Soul Knight https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ChillyRoom.DungeonShooter Value: 180 Address: BC Type: Anonymous, Dword
  7. J1Re1d

    Help me on hex edit

    Can someone help me in hex editing? I'm trying to edit the hex of a game energy value, but when I edit it doesn't get infinite energy as it should be.
  8. Hey, you can. gg.searchNumber("98F;444444D:put ordered group", gg.TYPE_DWORD") local r = gg.getResults(put your results) r[1] = 'edit value' --put value edit, ex: 1 = the gg only edit the first number. gg.setValues(r) gg.clearResults() end Sorry my english
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