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  1. I tried the methods from tuber simulator, unless i ****ed up they're more protected now, fuzzy searching and hours of filtering lead to only visual changes
  2. Do we have confirmation that its the hack itself or the fact that the majority of us did it with a random XOR leading to an abnormally high coins count? Maybe if we were to only add around like 60k-70k, just to be able to unlock stuff instead of ending up with so many digits it cant show past 9'999'999
  3. I guess your best hope would be manually adding locked content like you teased before, since any other hack like points and instawinning etc. kinda defeat the purpose of the game imo.
  4. Just got banned. All I had done was hack coins and tickets, never touched score multipliers or speedhack. Guess they just check for abnormally high coin amounts.
  5. Game is still very new, I've managed basic invincibility so far. Changing coins works but is server sided, I assume; would be really glad if someone experienced could see what they can achieve. Also the game has tons of resources, each with individual counters, so I tried adding e.g. experience gems, which didn't work. Since they're limited to begin with it doesn't leave much room to experience so my attempts didn't last very long.
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