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  1. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Yes I know it's not a script issue. I just wanted to know if there was a solution without being root. Too bad for me and thank you for your answer.
  2. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    @NoFear Hi, I recently bought a Huawei p30pro and it is impossible for me to unlock the bootloader to root it (restricted by Huawei ...) I tried to run the script through several virtual spaces but it didn’t work. Is there a solution? Thanks in advance. PS : I send the same message to BadCase.
  3. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    @NoFear Thank you for your hard work the script is really amazing!
  4. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    No worries I already made the payment via PayPal, I can wait
  5. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Very nice! I'm going to get the Badcase video for the coupon Ty
  6. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Yes it is better to do it with caution ... For blocked content I was talking about characters, karts and gliders that we have not unlocked yet
  7. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Good news ! As it's a script I guess we can use it on our current account, via GG? I have already modified the different tickets for karts, characters and gliders, as well as coins, the script allows you to unlock blocked content? Is there a risk of ban? And finally how much does it cost? Sorry for all these questions and thanks anyway for your hard work
  8. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Did you make a lua script to find and unlock a lock content ? (Character, kart, etc...)
  9. Shark13

    Mario Kart tour

    Hi, for me it's good for coins and different upgrade tickets, did you find something to unlock the characters? That would be really the best! Thanks in advance.
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