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  1. intel as in energy used in missions, nah i just modify the levels thru GG. Do you join late in brackets? because if i join at the start i get grouped together with the other cheaters lol. And i think at some point brackets close so i assume you wait a bit before joining events to get a solo hacker bracket? Or is there a way to get solo 50-50 bracket? Because for me atm i just lower my level to 44 just so that i get solo bracket (since i only need DNA, since rare mats value can be changed anyway even if you have 1pc), since when i joined last time in 50-50 bracket i was together with 30 cheaters lol. I join at the start of the event.
  2. hmm does anyone know how to change the values of the amount of DNA drop in missions? I can't narrow it down lol, since the value is 3 and it freezes the game if i change it. Also I tried manipulating drop rates, like trying to make 99.99% chance on +25 hero frag for bayek. I changed it but it's just the visuals lol since it's server sided i guess haha. So far so good, the only things impossible to manipulate is Intel (directly, but there's a roundabout way to get unli intel hehe), Database Credits (DBC), Helix and Featured Hero Cube fragments.
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