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  1. Hi its me again! Elif helped me with the currencies, xp and attributes. Im missing notebooks, magizoology and animal trust. I have maxed two animals bc in a video from Kaizen it showed a number that made the time for bonding like 1 sec in between each (which allowed me to fuzzy search and n=0+D till i found the right adress), but the numbers are different for each animal and they only showed two. I tried Kaizen's method and NoFears method with the notebooks but nothing comes up, could it be a bluestacks problem? or have the numbers changed? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I know I'm a noob, and i understand if no one wants to help me, but i just can't figure this out for the life of me. I have watched this video and tried this method multiple times but it just doesnt work. Sometimes nothing happens and then sometimes the app crashes. I tried to read the other method and the video from NoFear but i can honestly say i didn't understand anything. If anyone could find the time to help me figure this out i would appreciate it! I have been able to max friendships and max the fairy friendship from another video from Kaizen on youtube. Notebooks, xp and currencies are lost on me. Thank you for your time!
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