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  1. Ok, so I'm using the latest game and guardian versions on rooted bluestacks. I also have Galaxy A50 which I don't wanna root atm, and the old rooted Nexus 10 tablet where the game lags and crashes as hell, so both are not an option for cracking properly. I did value search for energy, it works perfectly fine. I then go for the offset method for gold and gems. Gold works fine, but gems don't change at all. I rewatched the video tenfolds of times, and according to it I did everything right. So, either I'm wrong about being right or they've changed something with the new patch. If someone could share some kind of save file or facebook cloud save for just starting character with gems hacked, I'll buy you a beer. Will buy more beer if the character is a female with starting decisions: a scarf - feel bad (acacia wand) - follow lead - gryffindor.
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