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  1. hmm how do i find and edit the value of trial bonus score in trial card?
  2. thank you for the trans level up tips. for dark lord levels in all out mode, i don't know how to change it, but in other mode the exp amount is encrypted, so the actual amount you search is (exp) xor 444442 (use xor calculator online on decimal base) ah btw new patch just out for new heroes and c.heroes
  3. welp i give up, do you mind to share how to do it? those conqueror point seems needed to open the lastest pack
  4. hmm interesting that it still worked. i tried on L10 that gives +400 on first battle and try to search but neither value from 400 xor 444442 and 40 xor 444442 found does that 400 value comes from exp table from day 1-10 accumulated ? or that shown value (400) is modified by something so i need to find the original value to find it?
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