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  1. Many thanks for the response !! .. I've been able to identify 2 variables utilising the d word search but when I edit it doesn't change, I've tried editing all the Data types and did manage to change the in game number but it reverted as fast as I edited back to it's original value.. any ideas?? Cheers
  2. Looking for some assistant with creating a LUA script for the recent Eternium (mage and Minions) 1.4.11 update, I've not had much luck with GG and hacking this far but fast learner and looking for Guidance and a mentor. Current script I am trying to use has been posted on here in the Eternium LUA guides but it's outdated. I would essentially like to learn how to build a working Gems script and some automation involving opening items etc. Ive attached the error I was receiving and the current LUA can be found here https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/1390-eternium-gems-hack/ all credit to @saiaapiz Any help some of you more intelligent folk could offer would be great. Thank you! Sando
  3. Thank you for your continued efforts they are very much appreciated.. the current LUA seems to fail with 1.4.11 I'm assuming this is as it states because the LUA was built for 1.4.9 ... is there an easy solution ? Cheers
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