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  1. Would you mind explain this: Do not use data in memory. What it means or how to do that? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Enyby. I have different user IDs and different user names and all online options are different. How the game syncs two different account? And also I did not install the VirtualXposed modules because they are in chines language and I can not read. In the settinigs page of VirtualXposed in Add App section it is written: Please add both the app and the Xposed module to VirtualXposed first, otherwise the Xposed module won't take effect. Could it be the reason that I did not add the modules?
  3. Enyby thanks for your answer. I can not use fuzzy search for string and even for Dwords. Game Guardian will crash. I restarted my device the prevent unload is set to level 3 without success. It only works when In SELECT MEMORY RANGE uncheck the first option. Does it have problems?
  4. Hi. I use the VirtualXposed for paralleling and it is easy and perfect! Except one unexpected problem: The virtual game is related to the original game. When you change the original game the virtual will same change and if you change the virtual, original also changes. Is there any way to separate them to have two independent games? Then I will make my Game Guardian tests on the virtual game without any risk for my original game. Thanks.
  5. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. Hi. In my last try I got banned after the cheating. As a developer, I know that it is easy to save all changes in an string and when the user is online, split the string and compare the values: if(baseValues + changes = currentValues) ok! else cheating_Detected How do you think about that? Some games have random actions for example choosing rewards that are hidden behind cards. Is there any way to detect the rewards to choose the best one? If we can do this there will be nothing to detect (I think). Thanks.
  6. Hi. Does the Gameguardian have an option to create a restore point to come back? For example to select a card and if it wasn't a good card, Go back to the before selection and select again. Thanks.
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