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    LUA scripting

    Hi, I've others doubt. 1.It's possible check true all items in multiChoice option? 2.It's possible that the user can choose, example; the quantity of money to later to modify a value by that quantity in question like prompt option works?
  2. Ekaton

    LUA scripting

    I have two doubts and I hope you can help me. 1. How can I remove the word "Script" from all the script windows and toasts? 2. Is it possible to make a script like this? Example, select those three specific tracks, press "Unlock tracks" and start editing the values in the order they were selected. This is just a concept, the first option unlocks all tracks in order one by one and I have it written. I could do it manually the second option, but the problem is that there are more than 300 tracks and writing each combination of the changing value is something I don't wish for anyone. Thanks in advance.
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