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    War and Magic

    What kind of match? There are many types, and I believe that none has an HP of life (if an HP tells you a life)
  2. mugensp

    War and Magic

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stgl.global&hl=es for those who do not know, war and magic is an adaptation to mobile devices of the saga heroes of might and magic present in pc since 1995 with a 10 out of 10 in all (almost ...) their deliveries, getting a lore own and easy to recognize (already in the same 90s ... where the information via social networks and derived, did not exist) in its adaptation to mobile devices, within its category of game, is the best in terms of design and quality. I've been playing for 3 weeks, and at the same time, trying to "decrypt with gameguardian" and I'm not able to move forward (my knowledge is not very big, and I do not know about programming in general), and it's a great game, with a small unbalance of forces between certain players (here, a common map of "free circulation" is shared) and it would be good to find a way to balance, Besides having a personal connection with the entire saga, can someone try?
  3. i reach this point, any advice?, is this an advance?
  4. The values of which you spoke at the beginning about gold can be of the same type as in war and magic? (I opened a post on the subject)
  5. Does that mean I can not do anything? as much as I blow my mind
  6. stop game guardian when the load circle stops almost at the end, look for the values 0 (dword) between the range 327681-327699 in the group, ;24 (I remember) that is the one that corresponds to the garage blueprint and something else . you change the 0 to 999, done. when you finish it is good to "return" the remaining blueprints, since you can not have leftover blueprints (in case they do a scan) that is done by looking for 649-999 (within the same 327681 ...; 24) "value" that correspond, to the maximum remaining quantity of a hyper to the remainder of a street (900 for example) and return them to 0
  7. learning with game guardian, reach a point where it is not continued, explain the process below: GameGuardian + War and Magic: change the value of gold first, note to use it in other games, that the values that are reset to 0 and are set to the amount you had when entering, are easy to change to the first one, on the loading screen, I want to understand that it has to do with linked values that it loads from some point, at that point, it is where you modify it before it connects to the server or your account second, the data of quantities, which are fixed without a previous count, you can modify them falsely, as soon as you change buying something, that value is returned to your site, doing the same process in the same game in those 2 types of data, it is I get to observe This is where my first question comes in, that false data, if by modifying the value, freeze marks, they do not return to your site, but if they are being spent without you seeing it, what is it or what is the freezing option used for? to end. in War and Magic I do not find the logic, it seems that looking for the value (gold) in different points of the loading screen, you will see groups of data (for example up to 33 total data), that if you look only at the end do not appear , (for example, from 4 to 12) second, doing a search of the value (gold) you can shorten the search by giving it a range of data blocks (*****; *****-*****) in this case I believe that the gold value is in A -14 (I never saw this) that the data block is negative says something about it? second, in the data save mark I can see that some values go back to 0 (of those that correspond to the gold) and others to -Xm can be due to the fact that it loads the value in one area, and then downloads it in another ( all this talking about changes in load screens) third, toward the end of the loading screen, blocks of 4 or 5 values are generated, which I modify (or I delete directly) to the same amount as the rest, to the seconds of returning to open the search, it seems that other 4 are generated or 5, inside the same root 7CCD78 .... why? last, I can get to find the specific value that corresponds to the gold, before finishing the load I can even modify it in game (both cases only with the freeze mode, giving me a false amount as I already commented) but I am unable to, in the same value , be kept as real data before finishing the load, any help? thx
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