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  1. Ok is there any way to max slug?
  2. How to convert?? Can you please explain me. And do you know how to get these special bundle for free?
  3. i was able to modify one notebook with the same method (by searching the value with dword and then clicking on goto then change the first one and then 6 one with x8) but i was only able to modify 1 notebook value and also its very hard to get notebook. is there any way i can change all the notebook values in new version?
  4. bro i was at level 6, i cleared my data and started new without login to facebook. then i followed these legend guys tutorial and boom i was able to modify coins, gems and energies. it worked for me. then i relinked my facebook account to the new one
  5. Thankyou @Yusuke i managed to modify coins, gems and energy thankyou @NoFear @Helskrim and thanks too game guardian. now i too modify books value on latest version of Harry Potter?
  6. @NoFear can you please tell me how to change gems value?
  7. i managed to change coins value using fuzzy double, but not able to change gems value? any idea how to change gems value?
  8. I got the value but when i try to change it changes only on gameguardian and then when i back to the game nothing happens, then when i goto game guardian again i see that me value that i changed revert to original. not working can you screen record video upload here?
  9. I modified energy value and purchased it using gems but i am not able to modify gems value. The old trick is not working, can any one tell me the new trick to modify gems value?
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