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  1. Also bump on energy and also not sure about health getting same error message something went wrong with the battle etc. I LL try the health one and hope i get somewhere
  2. Unfortunately it did not work, it only showed the number but when I tried using them, I could only use the quantity that I had and not the modified one, so it must be server based, which I can not change
  3. still no luck i m guessing
  4. No haven't had the time with family and all but it is a very nice idea even farming more would help. If you find anything feel free to share
  5. I think those values are server based and even if we change them nothing will change after relogin best way probably would.be to mod the apk but I'm clueless about programming and Java, another useful value are the champion stats, we could progress better if we could find any of those, might try it later hopefully those values might not be encrypted.
  6. would probably try to increase it but i think it might be encrypted value im trying in search values on Auto and searching for the exact number every time it changes no luck though
  7. If you can narrow it down close to 10 results even you can change all of them but I haven't tried it yet
  8. Best thing would be to try and find gem value but I neither now have the time or the gems to do it, maybe next time with a new account which has more, also don't know if those values are encrypted bumping there too.
  9. I had no idea if this program until recently, I followed some tutorials of other games and tried similar actions, pressing the magnifying glass on the top right and searching all values, because I didn't know what type of value the game uses, so I did a search for the shards when I had like 8 and renewed it every time I used it and I got the value which I think I modified not added to, I had like 5 results and changed every single one to the same number, and it worked for that moment, on pc emulator nox rooted, next time I logged from my phone without guardian they were gone. though :-/
  10. same here i got the value for the summoning shards but those are kinda useless without silver can not find silver / gem / energy or anything useful im afraid bump if some one who had a breakthrough could write a value for anything useful we would be great full for the common shards one of the entries is Var #8F2A857C - 8F2A857C Thank you again for all your help in advance
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