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  1. You should use JustDecompile to read old version of apk. New versions isn't readable the normal way
  2. It still work, except on normal mode
  3. Anyone know how to change monster stats??
  4. i have the skill, relic and some others things This Link
  5. With skill changing method, you can mimic any A.monster and multiply their ability (Healing Fairy, Endless Heat...), you can put some powerful passive in the back while having actives skill in the front (Immortal Charge, Primordial Remedy...) There are also some good hero skill you can use (minigun-gunner, poison fog-gardener, flame fist....), but be careful when using hero skill (Goddess Advent - don't work on monster) I also found that (Higher One, Immortal One - (maybe) don't work on normal monster), but haven't tested the (Power of Darkness, Power of Nature...)
  6. How can you do it ?. Group search maybe
  7. hey Renzo, can do you change monster attack, defense and HP ????
  8. the dev do give a patch, that make the game heavy and easy to crash But still hack-able I also test some hero skill on monster e.g. minigun (gunner skill) (DEX increases by 800 %, but ATK is reduced by 80 %.) work on monster Ps: I wonder, do the dev watching this topic??
  9. Hey Renzo, have you able to browse the apk for skill key in 1.9.3
  10. With the new version i can't use speedhack anymore, does anyone have the same problem
  11. renzo13, I tried to access dungeonmaker.gg but response, where can i find the skill list?
  12. How about creating a discord channel
  13. can you upload the skills and monsters list And how do you change the skills and monster????
  14. i hack gold using modded apk (1.8.0) (apk have 0 mana skill hack, gold hack and soul hack) About Level and trial card i did exactly like renzo 13
  15. OMG, eli level hack is so op, look at the recovery NoxPlayer 2 05-Jun-19 9_09_09 PM.mp4
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