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  1. J_B

    speed hack not working

    installed google ver of game and speedhack working again.
  2. J_B

    speed hack not working

    i used all the green speedhack functions except one it would keep on freezing the game when i check it
  3. J_B

    speed hack not working

    thanks enyby downloaded ver 74 and speed hack still doesn't work. That means the problem is with the amazon ver of guild of heroes and speedhack won't work together and i need to go back to google ver if i want speed hack to work. can you think of anything to try before i do?
  4. J_B

    speed hack not working

    - bluestack 4- client and engine ver - GG ver 75 -game "Guild of Heroes" i was using google ver of the game with GG ver 74 and it worked switch to amazon and GG ver 75 and speed hack did not work anymore game runs in normal time. I'm thinking the problem is the amazon ver of the game but wanted to see here if anybody else having problem with ver 75 first. Can't find anywhere to download old verion of GG to test.
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