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  1. What version of Magisk you are using? I dont really have any idea why I can fix the problem.
  2. Update: To fix this problem, - Open GG. - Hide GG, then open Magisk (or any root manager). - Patiently wait for the promt, then grant root permission for GG. I think the problem occurs from Magisk beta (v19), not from GG itself. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm hiding root on some eWallet app. But not for GG, surely. Root is installed and working normal since I use Greenify so much. Is there any other way I can gain more logs for you to debug?
  4. Hello, I'm using Redmi Note 7 on Android 9 with Magisk (root) installed. When I start the SW ver., it takes long time to start. And there are no promt to grant root permission for GG. It just display the error: "Failed to run daemon. Is root installed?" GG_logcat_r75.0_14566_9_28.log
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