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  1. Somehow the failure is linked directly on (and only) modify number of players.I tried some variation of this LUA code, and had that nasty progess issue only when I modified number of players. So I guess when the script reduce the number of players from 6~8 to 0, something bad happens with the QC too... And the really bad part is that when there is no "0" (as 0 players) to search, there is no QC to find too (I could only find maximum 7 from ~47) so not enough to make 100 QC. What I tried to do further, was to change the number of players from 6~8 to 1 and guess what? The QC progress loaded 1 QC point to progress bar. Anyway if I want 30 QC i will have to race against 29 players too... Only we could do is to cross our finger to hope and trust again in Enyby's know-how brilliant mind...
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