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  1. Game: Dokkan Battle Server Sided? Yes Root? No (In Virtual Space) Unfortunately I have not been able to root my phone yet. (I have an LG Stylo 4 BTW) Would this make the chances of me succeeding lower? So I have been trying to figure out how to get passed this message "treasure_item_is_not_enough" But I just can't figure out a way. So I understand since the game is server sided it is said there would be no way I can bypass this. But is there? Down below you can see in the pictures I am trying to get the character "[Overwhelming Army] Metal Coora Army" And it costs 150000 Battle Memory. I only have 140750. I go into Game Guardian I searched for the value (Data Type: DWORD) and found it. I changed it to more than enough to get the character. It then shows that I can buy the Metal Coora. But as I mentioned before once I buy it a message "treasure_item_is_not_enough" comes up. Is there even a chance I can make the values I change permanent? lol. They are updated on a Live Server so I assume it would be very difficult if not Impossible. I would greatly appreciate any help.
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