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  1. So hold on Cowboys! One last question, I can use Radare2 to mod a server based game? Correct?
  2. I've never heard of it. I forgot to mention that Droidhen Texas Poker is a server sided poker game. Even if I jump through hoops to root Android 7.0 without a PC, since I have no coding or packet injection knowledge, I'm sorta screwed. Unless someone could help.... Soooo perhaps someone D.I.F.M or post info on how to get unlimited money in a server sided poker game via spy-web bug or injection... Etc. I've been looking for 5 years. 5 yearsss. ? LovLove ya guys. Huehuehue.
  3. I wish I could, all I have is a cellphone. I can't use a cellphone to mod Droidhen Texas Poker. Plus I'm running Android 7.0 which is virtually unrootable. Any help please? Unlimited chips in a rigged poker game can really make a difference on the Planet. Lol.
  4. Can you help me use this method or something similar, to mod Droidhen Texas Poker? Can you test it out for me, perhaps, No Fear? Please respond...
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