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  1. I was possible to hack speed in the previous versions, but now i cannot get it to work. What interesting there is a sync before mission start and after, but no sync in battle. (if you close app during battle you lose energy and have to start again) so maybe it is possible to hack rewards while in battle...
  2. Any luck on hacking gold or skillpoints?
  3. Yes, it works, but as i said, it is not so interesting. It would be better to find vulnerability in things that are connected with energy and currency. At least amount of silver received in missions is randomly generated, i tried to find a value which i generated in mission (auto and encrypted) but no luck, result is normal Dword, but there is another value when i goto address, guess it is silver ID, becouse when there is no silver in reward, amount changes for the amount of the first item in reward and value above changes as well, changing Dword amount has only visual effect. Maybe you have ideas what else can be tried? Thinking that only thing can be hacked are some randomly generated rewards, that are generated on phone, but how to find it before it is synced with server?
  4. @NoFear, have you tried to hack the values? With Float it is possible to hack some stats, but the most interesting are resources/energy, guess they are server-sided, but maybe some ideas for a workaround?
  5. Exilion

    Mercs of boom

    The game can be played both online and offline (like simcity for example) but if resources /exp/ money are hacked it gives an error and needs sync from server. I guess exp/cash/resources are linked to missions/expeditions and so on and can not be hacked directly. During the missions, progress is not synced with server, only when the mission is complete, maybe somebody will find workaround with exp gained during the mission.
  6. Exilion

    Mercs of boom

    Can anybody help to hack this game? Mrcs of Boom Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameinsight.xmercs.gp&hl=en_US Version: 2.1.3 Online:yes What to hack: god mode/one hit kill/unlimited action points (onn/off option)/unlimited bullets. It would be great to hack cash /ressources/exp but it is synced on server so i guess it woun't work. There is a mod version 2.1.0 wich has unlimited action points and bullets, buthas no tur onn/off option so some missions cannot be done, when an end turn is needed, then enemy gets unlimeted turn, but maybe it can be helpfull. Any help is appreciated.
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